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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

You can get started with EduGO by doing the following:

Steps to follow if you are a teacher :

# Install EduGO App
Android version :
iOS version : coming soon

# Create a school account
	- Open the app and switch to the class section
	- You will find a plus icon on the bottom right corner, click over it. 
	- Of the two options, Add School and Add Class that are shown, you will have to choose one to continue.

# Create class account
	- If you are new to the app, you need to add the school in that section. Once done, you can go ahead and create your class as well.

# Invite students

# Start your digital class

Steps to follow if you are a parent :

# Create a child profile
	- Switch to the My Children section in the menu. Here you can see all the children that are already in the class. 
	- Now click on the + icon
	- Fill in the details of the child in the form that appears and click okay.

# Share your username with teacher so teacher can enroll 
	- Share the username with teacher so that teacher can enroll you to the class

# Accept the teacher invitation for class

# Start your digital class

In case of any queries please leave your comments in below section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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