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What is EduGO?

What is EduGO?

What is EduGO?

EduGO is a platform that has been built keeping in mind the major problem that today’s schools face, i.e. communicating with parents of the students.

The traditional ways have become obsolete and there needed to be a change to make education more effective for students and to enhance their performance. And EduGO can be considered as the need of the hour.

The app will not only connect teachers to parents but also to students. The teachers can now provide all updates to their students through the app itself at any given point of time. Parents will also be notified of all the updates and hence they can take care of the fact that their children complete all the work on time. With the help of technology, the app will also be reducing the paperwork as students’ results and attendance can be managed and circulated through the app itself.

Some of the salient benefits of the application are:

  • Parents and students stay updated about all the activities that take place in the class

  • Teachers and parents can connect directly and discuss matters related to their children

  • Teachers can send homework and activity from anywhere and anytime

  • Results and attendance can be managed and seen at any time through the application

  • Parents get a better understanding of their child’s performance

With EduGO, there will no more be the need for parents to worry about the activity of their children in school nor will the teachers be anymore burdened with organizing meetings with parents. These things can now be considered as a thing of the past. Come feel the advancement in education with EduGO, enriching education on the go.

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