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Know About Your Class Everywhere

A mobile app that makes collaboration of teachers or student's and their parent way easier.

Secured and backed by Google servers.

Built for today's classrooms.

How it works

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Learn more with exciting features


Manage student's Homework by assigning and tracking homework of each student


Achieve and track goals by continuously engaging with teachers.


Get digital report card for the academic performance.


Track student attendance by replacing conventional attendance report files/attendance sheets.


Chat with parents, teachers and students instantly to track overall progress.


Get notifications about the different activities/events happening in the class.

Never miss the activities in children's classes

Manage all classes from a single interface and learn more by reading unique articles updated frequently

Class Activities

Access school events/activities and stay in touch with child's class from anywhere.

Learn fast

Stand ahead by reading unique articles of science, maths, history etc.

Make your class digital by replacing the conventional teaching methods.

Go paperless

Create attendance, homework, notifications/alerts directly from the app. No need to do paperwork anymore.

Class community

Each class is like a community where each teacher is always connected to students, parents.

Track child progress easily and foster child growth

Awards and Achievements

Award students for their creative work and create healthy class environment.

Improved performance

Help students to achieve their goals/objectives by tracking their progress.

How the app can be used?


Create school (If not created) Create class Invite Students Invite teachers


Add Child profile Accept class invitation Track child progress Chat with teachers


Manage class homwork Manage goals Get awards/achievements

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